Olde MacKenzie Farms
Located in Rose Valley PE
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This 100% organic farm supplies Terre Rouge with vegetables and herbs of every description 12 months a year….utilizing their ingenious passive solar ‘caterpillar green houses’.

Soleil’s Farm
All over PEI

Soleil and Lee have put together a co-op of  hi-quality, enviornmentally conscious  ‘market gardeners’ providing TR with a wide variety of heirloom vegetables, tomatoes, micro greens and a plethora of seasonal  specialties and herbs.

Doucette Organics
Located in Johnston’s River PE

Michael Doucette has specialized his 100% organic operation to provide phenomenal shallots, garlic, onions and  squash  supplying TR well into the winter.

Weedy Gardens
Located in Millvale PE

Local painter Hans Wendt and his wife Angel grow a beautiful array of salad greens and ‘miles of basil’ as well as tomatillos, hot peppers, tomatoes & herbs. Angel, incidently, also provides TR with her ‘hearth-baked’ sour dough breads from her Dough Baby Bakery.


MacQuarries Meats
Winsloe PE
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This family run business is one of only a few local abattoirs providing TR with naturally raised local pork, grass fed beef and pasture raised lamb.  MacQuarries has also become our ‘go to’ provider for ‘offal cuts’ embracing our nose to tail philosphy.


PEI Oyster Co.
Stanley Bridge, PE
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With four selections of world class oysters (Raspberry Point, Pickle Point, Lucky Limes and Shiny Seas) these briny bi-valve find their way into some of the best restaurants in the world…. nice we get  first pick, eh?!

Colville Bay Oyster Co.
Souris, PE
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These sweet and salty gems from the eastern part of the island are among oyster afficianados top picks.  Limited production by proprietor Johnny Flynn keeps colville bays in high demand.

Confederation Cove Mussels
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With their processing plant in the Shadow of the Confederation Bridge, CC Mussels are harvested from only the most pristine areas overseen by grower/co-owner Stephan Stewart.  CC Mussels have a well deserved reputation for some of the finest mussels in the world.


Cows Creamery
North River ,PE
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Cows creamery provides TR with two exceptional local cheeses (and sea salted butter)…Cows Extra Old Cheddar and their multiple award winning unpasturized ‘Clothbound Cheddar'(REALLY WORLD CLASS)…both cheeses are amazing and find their way into several preparations at TR.